• Helping Hands for the Home

  • Moving Services

    Need help with the endless details of moving?

    We help decide what to pack. We pack the boxes. We set you up in your new home. We remove what you don't want.

    We make sure it feels like home before we leave!

  • Downsize & Organize

    We all have items we no longer want or need. We help you organize, and decide what to keep. We find the best home for unwanted items.  Each job includes making notes and taking photos of your donations for tax purposes. 

  • Sort Personal Items

    We help sort most anything: papers, clothes, kitchens, closets, basements, & garages.  If it is overwhelming you, we can help make sense of it.  We can help find a good home for everything.

  • Construction Services to Ready the Home for Sale

    Inside and out, from fresh paint to fresh landscaping, we bring out the best in your beloved home. Lets get that house ready for sale so that your home looks its best and you get the most value.

    Perhaps it is time for the shag carpet to go? Oh, look at those hardwood floors underneath! Does that kitchen look warn and tired? Let's take a look and see what would make your home shine.


  • Modify the Home to Age in Place

    Some people want to stay at home.  Perhaps your home needs a bit of work to make it safer for you to continue to live there.  Senior Transition Services can help plan the changes with you. We install grab bars, and rails to make your home accommodate you and your needs.  We install ramps, sinks, and bathroom fixtures. We modify doors, walks, and steps. Small changes can mean a lot when it comes to all the comforts of home.